This web-site describes the movement from photograph through drawings to paintings and wall sculptures:

All of my work has a figurative base.

A sculpture that has all the colour, structure, freedom and openness of painting is my aim. Three-dimensional objects define and are defined by the space in which they exist - paintings, two-dimensional objects, can suggest three-dimensions and continuance outside the frame.

From photographs of people - and recently of landscape, I create many drawings in pastels, charcoal, graphite, and through them gradually abstract information about the figures.

I experiment with various colour relationships, lines, thicknesses and shapes; which can form the basis of paintings, wall-sculptures and free-standing sculptures. The sculptures are constructed in wood/metal/plastic and incorporate shaped, painted canvasses. Some of these sculptures are designed to incorporate lighting

I want to concentrate on the metaphysical connections (between the subjects and with the onlooker) rather than reproduce the figure.